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About Tukuk Bungbung is register on web traffic exchange tools for android and use fingler traffic bot and web traffic bot rebuild mobile applications. These profile information including the account status, Account ID, email address of Tukuk Bungbung and the current url that he/her use in our platform.

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About web traffic bot

Web traffic bot is android application that generate traffic in your website or blogs. Web traffic bot have 3 main features.

Traffic Exchange: This tools allowed user to exchange traffic to other user, the exchange ratio is 1:1 when you visit other links you earn 1 points and someone visit your website your points -1.

Blogger Traffic bot: This tools design for or this tools have traffic generator to increase traffic in your blogs.

Koruruz tools: This tools allowed user to change public ip address. this tools is manual and alternative to change your public ip address.

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