Koruruz tools v.4, v.5 android app

Koruruz tools is android Traffic bot generator tools to generate traffic in your website, this tools have public ip changer this tools not available on PlayStore.

Koruruz tools release:
Latest update:
⬇️ Koruruz tools v.9
[v.9 Lateste 05/14/2020]
– Rename app name from koruruz tools to Fingler traffic bot.. fingler is now available on playstore..
– We fixed some bugs and add more feature..

[v.6.1.2 Lateste 05/11/2020] fixed koruruz tools bugs in previews version 6.0

– Support multi url.
– Auto reload.
– Auto click support for adfly.
– Blogspot Traffic bot.
– Traffic Exchange.
more improvement


Before using this tools may refer to watch this video tutorial on how to use this tools..from here or watch from here 👇👇

koruruz tools traffic bot generator 2020

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