Blogspot traffic bot for android free 2020 and 2021 app

Blogger traffic bot generator

Here the best blogspot or blogger traffic bot in android latest 2020 and 2021, this tool can generate hundred or millions of traffic in your blog without spending money.

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App Features:
– Support Multi url : you can insert multiple blog links and max is 5 links.
– Customize refresh interval: you can set the refresh interval between the reload.
– Customized Refer url: you can change the refer url, support random pick.
– Customize Useragent: change the useragent of Bot and also support random pick.
– Customize limit views: set the max limit views, after reach the limit of the target views the bot automatically stop.
– Target preview: check if the target blog is correct.
– Bot monitor: the total submit, useragent status and the refer url status.

Note: Do not use this traffic tools for the blog that contain Adsense ads, because there a posible your account suspended or banned.


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