Automated Traffic Exchange v0.2.3 apk

The automated traffic views / auto surf is a android application where user can exchange traffic to other users for free. The app use a credits point system.

How to earn credits:

At this current version 0.2.3 there a 3 type to get credits points, 1) Viewing other users sites. 2) watch the videos ads 3) Purchase the credits using real money.

App features:

  • Automated Exchange to other users.
  • Unlimited Exchange.
  • 40 seconds time interval.
  • Easy to register.
  • Blogger traffic bot also added to new version.
  • Shareurl: a url sharing sites. (View and add)
  • Random select url (For blogger bots).
  • Random Search keywords.
  • Support random user agent (UA) , Referring url random)
  • Register multiple url.
  • Enable Popup windows

Download links:

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